An Open Letter to Delegate Jeffrey Campbell from a Prisoner of Conscience

To the Honorable Delegate Jeffrey Campbell:

My name is Hassan Shabazz and I am the Senior Liaison of the Augusta Pre-Reentry “Self-Governing Community.” I was present when the 6th District Delegation visited us here at the facility. I spoke with Senator Emmett Hanger and Delegate Steve Landes but I
was rushed into the cell for count time. I have since been in correspondence with Senator Hanger about rehabilitation and the progress that we are making all on our own. A large part of the reason why we are successful is due to the incentives that are provided as a part of the program. What I have come to learn in my over 20 years of experience behind the walls is that there is no better incentive than good time.
Your bill (HB1370) provides some good time but does nothing to change the current rate for violent offenders. This is bewildering, for those are the offenders who should be provided more incentive to change not less. Delegate Don Scott’s Bill (HB1532) addresses this concern by providing a way for a person to work his way through a tiered system to a maximum of 30 credits for every 30 days served after 5 years of being charge free (which is hard if your not reformed). It is for this reason that we, the Pre-Reentry Self-Governing Community, are requesting that you withdraw your bill, and please support HB1532 as we are the evidence of what incentives can do no matter what charge you may have.

Thank you for your time.
Hassan Shabazz, Senior Liaison, Augusta Pre-Reentry “Self-Governing” Community

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