COVID19 in Prisons & Jails in Virginia

Follow our Facebook page to get updates on inmates/staff who have tested positive for COVID19.  Click here.

04/08/2020:  UPDATE:   In an inquiry about the death of an inmate at Sussex 2, Jae Davenport, Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security, responded today in an email saying: “There are no COVID-19 related deaths at any of the facilities at this time. VADOC works very closely with VDH on these cases and it will continue to provide daily updates to the public.”  There are 5 inmates in hospital, 2 from Sussex 2 and three from Virginia Correctional Center for Women.

Organizations within the Virginia Prison Justice Network are amplifying the voices of those in detention so that their concerns are addressed during this pandemic.  We are also rallying to call on the Governor to early release those who are:  geriatric and/or  medically fragile; within one year of their release date; already parole eligible; have a conditional pardon; are release eligible via parole through HB35, juvenile parole bill; and those who are release eligible via parole through HB33, Fishback prisoners.  As long as these prisoners have a home plan in place, a health care plan, and pose no threat to society, they should be afforded an opportunity for early release for their safety and well being.


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