George Floyd, A Prisoner’s Perspective

Peace! I go by the name Righteous Arvel and I will like to thank everyone who’s taking this pandemic seriously by doing their part to save lives. I also want to say “thank you” to all the protesters out there for showing the world what unity can really do, because numbers don’t lie. Fighting for justice is the only way WE can respectfully honor the death of George Floyd who has become the successor for all those who were ever victimized by Police Brutality, and the Criminal (Slavery) Injustice System. My sentiments are heavy with understanding and grief, because I also had to experience my friend being shot to death by a Richmond, VA Police Officer. Before that, I was a victim of police brutality twice, but there was no cameras. So I understand the nature of violence that can be used to detain a suspect. I admit I resisted a few times, but they still applied excessive force to subdue me. I still ask myself, am I lucky or did they use “NECESSARY” force to arrest me?

My point is, Police Officers do not need any additional training to justify their negligence. Every Police Officer who wears that badge are professionally trained to handle hostile and non hostile situations. Therefore, if an Officer uses unnecessary (excessive) force to apprehend an unarmed suspect it is an act of malice with the intention to do harm or in some cases kill. They are Officers of the Law, which means they’re sworn with the responsibility to protect and serve “The People”. In other words, they must “Protect” the Life, Liberty, and Property of every citizen equally, because Constitutionally we’re All innocent until proven guilty. They also must “Serve” justice on anyone who violates the Life, Liberty, and Property of every citizen protected by the Constitution. With that being said, why isn’t the Constitution protecting the Life, Liberty, and Property of Black People?

I’ll tell you why — because the Constitution was written during slavery which kept us psychologically oppressed for over 400 years. The dehumanization of being called 3/5ths of a person remains engraved in our minds which caused us to be less than average compared to the Majority. Therefore, freedom cost us our lives. Abe Lincoln was not so honest when he so-called Emancipated us, because Emancipation is not Liberation. Liberation is absolute Freedom, Justice, and Equality. Emancipate comes from a Latin word which means to be Free from ones chains, but not from ones hands. The 13th Amendment only “Emancipated” us from one Plantation to Another (Prison), using the Criminal Justice System as a slave ship. Why do you think this Amendment still uses the language “except”? Except what, if we free?

It’s time America abide by their own creed which is Freedom and Justice for all. However, it’s up to Us to make that happen, because like the weather change comes in degrees. The first degree is to break the psychological chains of slavery by recognizing there is a problem and the problem is racism. The second degree is to understand that the problem is not Us, it’s anyone who believes it’s Us. The third degree or solution is to change the language of the Constitution that has enforced and endorsed Structural, Systemic, Statistical, Institutional, and In your face racism to All minorities in America. Who ever denies that Racism has plagued and divided this country are either color blind or hiding behind white privilege. Racism was the nature of chattel slavery which they used as a measuring stick to build this country. Our blood, sweat, tears, and lives are the foundation of America’s Freedom as well as our economical and industrial wealth? WE are “The People” of the United States of America which means WE have the power to change the laws and the future of the next generation. So WE have to BE the change WE want to see.

The Bible says it’s a time and season for everything. Therefore, it’s our time to kneel and keep one knee on the necks of injustice until WE see change. Change in our Communities, our Police Department, our Educational System, our Economical System, and our Criminal Justice System. Our progress is the only way WE can honor the lives of George Floyd, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Breonna Taylor and too many others who paid the price for being Black in America. The time is Now to confront, indict, and convict the real criminals who promote and support racial discrimination. In other words, if you can’t empathize don’t criticize (Drew Brees).
We might be hurt, but one thing we’ll never be is broken. Our spirit has always been the heart beat of our resilience. Especially our black women who have sacrificed their mind, bodies, and souls to raise and save every generations of our people. Our Black Love got us through everything which is why WE could never practice the hatred of racism. Racism is based on the concept of Superiority.
Superiority is when a group of people or race believe that their race is Superior or Supreme over another race with the intentions to divide and conquer.

However, in order to supplant Superiority the other race have to adopt an Inferiority Complex out of fear and perpetual indoctrination, which gives the Superior Race the opportunity and power to implement their own Ideology Hegemony (Institutionalization) as law. This is why WE must educate (involve) ourselves in the political affairs of this Nation, because Everything they do affects Us too! When I say “They” I mean White Supremes, not White People. Once WE recognize the difference, UNI can end racial discrimination. There’s no Unity without UNI, so together WE can change the narrative of OUR future.

Thank You From, Cavonza Teasley #1129038 go to (


2 thoughts on “George Floyd, A Prisoner’s Perspective

  1. Wow, that was fast. I’ll let Righteous know. Also, posted a story and video about an incident with the police tonight on the Facebook page for the Virginia Defender. Take care.

    On Sat, Jun 20, 2020, 22:05 Virginia Prison Justice Network wrote:

    > vapjn posted: ” Peace! I go by the name Righteous Arvel and I will like to > thank everyone who’s taking this pandemic seriously by doing their part to > save lives. I also want to say “thank you” to all the protesters out there > for showing the world what unity can really d” >


  2. You are right. This country has a lot of blood on its hands and a great deal of atonement to do. Horrific as it was, George Floyd’s murder seems to be the catalyst for an awakening that I hope leads to a reckoning.


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