In the largest show of support for Virginia prisoners in memory, more than 300 people turned out for the Virginia Rally for Prison Reform, held Jan. 20, 2018, at Richmond’s Capitol Square. Former prisoners, relatives and friends of prisoners, prison reform advocates and supporters from all parts of the state called for justice in the courts and prison reform. The rally was initiated by the prisoner organization Virginia Prisoner of Conscience (VAPOC).

After that amazing rally, the need to network became clear. This website is for everyone who advocates for prisoners and seeks solutions to the judicial racism that plagues our criminal justice system.

Look at our “Organizers” page to see how to get involved with an organization. Read the prisoner blogs for their input. Check out the “2018 Bills” section for information about legislation in the General Assembly.  We welcome contributions to the blog on issues of prisoner justice, so please explore the site. Together, we can mobilize, organize, and connect to create change.



View the rally: